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Choosing the right radio
06-11-2013, 21:03
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Choosing the right radio
Hello guys

I am planning in building a foam UglyStick for FPV and am i starting researching on suitable hardware starting from the most crucial part which in the radio.

It is imperative to find a correct radio because it costs omething like 1/3 of the project and you will probably carry it around and use it for many generations of models.

Keeping in mind that an FPV plane uses at least 2 frequencies one for video one for control, i think it is wise that those freq be far apart.

So i am looking for a complete set of transmitter, receiver, etc at 433mhz since this frequency can go further, its good at penetrating through objects and its away from the polluted 2.4ghz band.

So i asked HobbyKing some questions.

According to HobbyKing's support this is a nice setup with all components compatible with each other. Theoretical range is 3 to 5 km @433mw with 100mw output power (there is also an 1 watt version but they currently have it only for futabe radios a JR version is soon to come)

= $121.35

This is supposed to me a programable radio and NOT plug and play, but this doesnt mean you need manual text coding there is a gui windows program that makes things simple.

What i would like to know from you guys is if my choice of hardware is correct and if you have something better to propose.

i will need your help reviewing and verifying my hardware choices since you have more experience and have tested lots of hardware. So if you bare with me i will be more than happy Tongue

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